SMS Nurture Sequences: Everything You Need to Know!

SMS Nurture Sequences: Everything You Need to Know!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
November 4th, 2021
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Everyone has SMS built into their phones.

Yeah, we might not use it much.

But, did you know it can take your lead nurturing efforts to the next level?

Now, SMS might not be as glamorous as multi-point nurturing emails, but they work.

They, really, really do.

In this guide, we take a look at how you can use an SMS nurture sequence to add to your current marketing campaigns and create multidimensional lead nurturing systems that work wonders.

Okay, let’s just get it out of the way.

SMS seems to be just a formality nowadays.

With the growth of a lot of messenger applications, the use of SMS is slowly declining because people want to do more with their messages.

I mean, you can’t send a meme of Chuck Norris using the traditional SMS method.

sms nurture sequence

But, all jokes aside.

The main reason SMS is a good way of lead nurturing is that it’s formal, and it’s personal.

Think about it, how do we use SMS these days?

We use it for 2FA and other “official” messages, we tend not to ignore it, and pretty much only our closest connections message us using the method.

That’s why it’s great for lead nurturing.

It looks official, it’s hard to ignore, and in a way, it’s personal

Step 1: Plan Out the Messages Within Existing Campaigns


SMS nurturing shouldn’t be a standalone channel for your nurturing efforts.

You need to integrate it with your other existing marketing campaigns.

SMS is great for more intimate communications or short bursts of text that remind your prospects about who you are and what you can do for them.

But, for longer messages and other “creative” acts, you need to use a different medium.

Take a look at what campaigns you have running that could benefit from SMS messaging.

Here are a couple of ways to integrate SMS messaging as a lead nurturing device:

  • Use it as the first piece of communication that you send out when a prospect fills out a form on your website.
  • Integrate in between emails follow-ups as another subtle reminder.
  • Use it with voice messages during appointment setting follow-ups.
  • Send an SMS after a sales discovery/triage call or other milestones in the client’s journey with you.
  • Send tips to your prospects!

As you can see, SMS is best used with other ongoing marketing campaigns to make sure that you give your prospects a truly omnichannel marketing experience.

Check out the best appointment setting script and templates that you can use for your campaigns!

Step 2: Picking a Provider vs. Sending One-Offs

If you’re running a small operation then sending one-offs aren’t a bad idea as long as you establish some form of tracking systems such as a spreadsheet to know when you’ve sent messages and what not.

One-offs are great if you’ve already started a personal relationship with the prospect. It allows you to maintain communication with them in a more intimate setting.

If you’re practicing strategies such as ABM (account-based marketing) then you can assign each sales supervisor a list of high-profile clients that they can reach out personally to. This is dependent on how you want to use text messaging between existing lead nurturing campaigns.

However, if you want a more general approach then choose an SMS provider. This will make it easy to send messages in bulk, get reports, and give you access to rich features.

Using SMS nurture sequences with only high-profile clients is our go-to approach and it works wonders!

Step 3: Pick a List of Contacts and Segment

Now, if you do decide to go for a more general approach, you need to remember one key foundation of lead generation and nurturing:


Before you stick everyone into your database make sure you segment your contacts right.

SMS is intimate so you need to send messages that resonate well with your prospects.

This means you’re not just looking for ideal customer profiles, you’re also looking at things such as behavior in making your decisions.

That’s the important part.

So, after segmenting, try to segment even further.

You want to drill you audience down.

Step 4: Start Crafting You First Messages (We have templates!)


Now that you’re done with all the planning and strategizing, it’s time for the first message.

So, what do you say?

Well, it really depends on where you’ve integrated your first SMS sequence in your overall buyer journey.

However, here are the basics.

  • Introduce yourself
  • State why you’re messaging
  • Add a CTA

So it can be a simple, “Hi, this is Houston, thanks for the time awhile ago, I’ll send you a quick email with the stuff we’ve discussed later. Have a great day!”

It doesn’t have to be over complicated.

Step 5: Create Sequences and Steps/Integrations

Next, start including it into your marketing sequences as special integrations, just as stated in Step 1.

But, this time, you want to plan out your sequences.

This is especially true if you’re using one-offs/personally texting your prospects. You need to be ready with replies and things to say depending on how they react to your message.

…Or if they react at all.

This allows you to be proactive in the way you handle inquires and you can respond swiftly.

You need at least three messages after they receive your message:

  • One for when they reply positively
  • One for negative responses
  • And, the other is a follow up just in case they don’t respond

More often than not, you’ll end up with prospects not replying to you and that’s fine. Make sure you just schedule your next nurturing message a few days later.

Step 6: Track Your Progress

The last step is tracking, because as we always say here at BAMF:

“You can’t growth hack if you don’t track”

Tracking allows you to check if your messages are actually working, but it can get a little tricky if you’re integrating messages into your entire nurturing campaign.

So, what you want to look out for are replies or clicks on links that you send out – but more on this later.

The overall conversion rate should help paint a picture as well.

First Message Templates

Appointment setting:

Hi *prospect name*, hope you’re well! Will you be free on *date*, I’ll give you a call at around *time*, if that’s alright.

– *your name*, *company name*

Appointment setting follow-up:

Hi *prospect name*, I didn’t catch you today, but I’ll try hitting you up again on *date* if that’s alright.

– *your name*, *company name*

Sign-up welcome message:

Lead nurturing with invite:

Hey *prospect name*, we wanted to invite to check out our *resource/webinar* on *insert link here*. This will help you take things to the next level!

Lead nurturing with resources:

Lead nurturing to check on a prospect with resource:

Hi *prospect name*, it’s *your name* from *company name*, how have you been? We’ve got a new resource out that can help you out, sent it to your email. Talk soon!

Don’t Be Repetitive

Always create original content with your text messages.


Because you’re integrating them into existing lead nurturing campaigns.

If you tell your prospect the same thing over and over again, they can get numb. And, that won’t help move them along the funnel.

SMS nurture sequence, SMS Nurture Sequences: Everything You Need to Know!

What you want to do is to use text messaging for quick follow-ups, personal messages, and new content that you want them to check out.

By limiting it to these three use case scenarios, you can make sure that it is not clashing with your existing campaigns.

Well, yes and no.

No, you shouldn’t include links if they are not absolutely necessary because they look spammy on text messages. If you’re going for a more personal approach then I would strongly suggest just talking to them and guiding them through the funnel.

That’s more organic.

And, as a result, more effective.

However, if you do want to get them on to a link for a webinar or for a specialized piece of content that you know they will like, you can send them a link.

Make sure they are:

  • Tracked using UTM parameters on Google Analytics
  • Shortened using a URL shortener

Also, if you send a link via SMS, don’t bombard them with the same link on other platforms.

Don’t numb them.

How Fast Do I Have to Reply?

SMS nurture sequences are like dating.

You don’t want to seem too eager.

Companies that are too eager are a turnoff and you have to remember that.

SMS nurture sequence, SMS Nurture Sequences: Everything You Need to Know!

I wouldn’t really advise messaging them right after they reply, but make sure you do it within 20 minutes to keep it interesting.

So, if you can’t get to your phone, that’s absolutely fine.

Don’t Cold Text

Here’s the thing.

We like SMS messages if they’re used for nurturing, this happens after a prospect signs up to receive mail from you or give you their number willingly.

If you were to run lead generation via SMS you could get in trouble with the authorities.

Also, it comes off as spammy and cheap.

Think about it.

SMS messages are supposed to be intimate and personal, how about if the company sent you a message out of the blue about an exciting new offer?

That would be annoying, abrasive, and rude.

You need it to be as organic as you can.

It Has To Be Short

Ever had to reply to a really long text message?

It’s a pain.

It’s not email, it’s not a messaging app, nor is it a newsletter.

So, don’t turn it into any of those three.

Your text messages have to be short and sweet.

This means direct messages that are chatty and right on point, with the right CTA to get people to reply.

If your text messages drone, prospects will get annoyed and worse, block you.

Now that would officially suck.

Consider Opt-Ins

If you want to send text messages frequently, then consider having opt-ins for quick tips and the like.

This makes you less intrusive and it helps build a good relationship with a prospect.

SMS messages also cost money, so the fewer that you send, the less taxing it will be on your resources.


SMS nurture sequences are powerful.

They’re intimate and they make a lasting impression on your prospect.

However, they need to be integrated with other campaigns as well.

You see, omnichannel is the only way to move forward with lead nurturing.

Your prospects need to see you.

They need to feel that you care.

And, SMS nurture sequences are only one part of the whole equation.

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