Manage Social Media Activity With Oktopost

Manage Social Media Activity With Oktopost

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
June 28th, 2018
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Earlier, social media was all about sending a friend request, being updated, and friendly communication.

But nowadays, social media also means pure business! The word “Marketing” almost equals “Social Media”. From elections to wars, social media is creating a huge impact. So how do you manage your social media marketing? What return do you get from sharing content? Do you keep a track of it? Well, you don’t need to because Oktopost will do it on your behalf. Oktopost tracks your Return on Investment and also supports you in sharing content.

The Basics

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Oktopost is especially famous when it comes to B2B. It facilitates easy management and measurement across famous social media channels. It also supports professional network like LinkedIn.

What are the features?

Oktopost comes up with several features. Let us have a quick look at them:

(1) The tool supports social media sharing for profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

(2) Oktopost can be integrated with Google Analytics. You can create campaigns and Oktopost automatically assigns tracking codes to it. The campaigns are then visible in Google Analytics.

(3) Easy to add and easy to use web browser plugin for Chrome/Firefox.

(4) The tool can be integrated with Marketo, Salesforce,, and  GoToWebinar easily!

(5) Direct people from social channels with the help of a form on your website. The form contains Oktopost code that enables you to track links.

(6) Monitor and respond to any content shared on social media with the help of a social inbox.

(7) On the basis of a keyword, you can set up a stream. It will monitor content from different channels.

(8) Easy analytics and report generation. The reports can be downloaded in Excel or CSV format. You can also create your own message templates that can be used while sharing content.

The Implementation

Step: 1

Connect your social media profiles with Oktopost. Like any other tool, simply verify and connect.

Step: 2

As per your license, you will be able to add team members to your profile.

Step: 3

The main thing begins now! You need to connect Google Analytics with Oktopost. We have already discussed the feature, Oktopost will assign tracking codes to the campaign or shared link. The tracking code is known as UTM Code on Oktopost.

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The above screenshot refers to the UTM configuration. On this page, you can choose your global settings for the campaigns. The above parameters are added at the end of the links (the links that are shared by you). Here, different/common settings can be applied to the campaigns. It depends on your choice.

Step: 4

After Google Analytics, it is time to set-up other integrations like Salesforce, etc. Further, you may add lead capture. It helps in tracking the leads based on the content shared by you. The lead capture code can be added to any subscription box on the site.

This is how you get started with Oktopost. But we have also discussed that the tool helps in sharing content. Let us know how!

Content Sharing

Start by creating a campaign. But what is a campaign? All the content that you desire to share can be isolated in a campaign. For example, your daily news update or a day-to-day activity can be referred to as a campaign.

Once you create the campaign, share content. Choose the social networks that you prefer for sharing the content. As per the selection of social media platforms, you will also receive precise analytical reports. Apply filters/settings like immediate sharing or sharing at a particular time.A calendar will display the schedule content posting. This will make you realize the quantity, quality, and frequency of content that you need to come up with.

Other features like message assets, social inbox, streams, reports, and lead tracking are also available. All these features are easy to understand as well as use.

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The tool is amazing and is being used by thousands of people. Especially, the ones who are into B2B marketing sector. Oktopost offers good support when it comes to LinkedIn groups and it is quite important. Oktopost will certainly come up with improvements in their dashboard, streams, and RSS Feeds. But if there were no issues, there won’t be a scope for improvement either! So if you want to manage your social media activity, Oktopost should be considered. Think about it, implement it, and discuss it with us!

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