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Case Study

Client Company: Jay Shetty Media & Coaching
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The Numbers

More Than 40M Impressions in 15 Months
total content views

The Challenge

Jay Shetty is no stranger to the limelight. He’s a life coach, podcaster, entrepreneur, and if you still don’t remember him, he’s also the bestselling author of “Think Like a Monk”.

However, Jay needed a boost.

He might be well known in different platforms, but he still needed to leave his mark on LinkedIn.

And when he went to BAMF, we knew we had to go beyond leaving a mark. We needed to make sure that he was LinkedIn royalty.

The Results

If the goal was to make sure people noticed Jay, we went beyond that.

In just a span of 15 months, he was able to bring in close to 41M impressions.

That’s close to an average of 3M impressions for him monthly.

In that same period he had an engagement rate of 2.05% – which might not seem a lot – but is absolutely mind-blowing given the amount of impressions he was already bringing in.

At the end of the campaign, not only was LinkedIn a major platform for him. He was also a literal giant on the platform.

This goes to show what value + strategy can do for any campaign.

Unlock the power of LinkedIn and take your business to new heights with BAMF. Our proven strategies for creating engaging content and building meaningful connections will help you become a LinkedIn Influencer.

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Our content uses attention-grabbing, emotional keywords that are sure to bring thousands of eyes to your profile and business. Your stories will provide an emotional connection that your readers will releate and empathize with as we reach out and start meaningful conversations with them.


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