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The Numbers

From Struggle to Success: Career Coach 4X Webinar Sign-Ups, 100K Impressions, $30K Day with LinkedIn Strategy
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The Challenge

Phil Rosenberg, the brain behind, was no stranger to success, having nurtured a robust LinkedIn following through years of dedicated career coaching. Yet, he found himself at a crossroads, unable to scale his reach or revenue to meet his ambitious goals. Stuck in a cycle of moderate success, Phil sought a breakthrough to elevate his impact and income, turning to BAMF for a strategic intervention to transcend the limitations of his existing digital presence.

The Results

The partnership between Phil and BAMF marked a turning point, transforming a strategically placed comment on LinkedIn into a viral phenomenon that captivated nearly 100,000 views. This ingenious move didn’t just spark interest; it set the stage for a webinar that shattered records, multiplying attendance by four and revenue to an exceptional $30,000 in a single day. Beyond numbers, it revolutionized Phil’s webinar model, with attendee engagement skyrocketing and sales tripling, evidencing the sheer potency of a refined, targeted approach in harnessing the virality of social media for tangible business outcomes.

You guys have been awesome. You’ve gone above and beyond. This last week, I had an article that was linked to a comment on a trending post, and to date, it has almost a hundred thousand impressions. That resulted in four times my biggest number of registrations prior to this, four times the number of attendees on a webinar and a thirty thousand dollars day. You’ve taken your standard program and been able to revise it to be able to fit my needs that were a little different than your normal customer, and I appreciate that too.

Phil Rosenberg

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Standing out with Profile Optimization



A well-crafted LinkedIn Profile can make a world of a difference. We'll position you as an industry leader with a polished presnce so you can present yourself in the best light and attract qualified, ready-to-convert leads.

Content that Attracts Potential Clients

Our content uses attention-grabbing, emotional keywords that are sure to bring thousands of eyes to your profile and business. Your stories will provide an emotional connection that your readers will releate and empathize with as we reach out and start meaningful conversations with them.


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Outbound Prospecting to Spark Conversations

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Transforming LinkedIn Interactions into Qualified Leads

In the realm of LinkedIn marketing, we stand out from the rest. Our approach goes beyond mere profile optimizations and frequent content posting. We excel at initiating authentic conversations that catch the attention of potential clients. Once connected, we strike value propositions that leave a lasting impact. With our expertise, we ensure your calendar is filled with hot leads who are genuinely interested and eager to engage with your offerings.

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