LinkedIn Hashtag Generator Using ChatGPT!

LinkedIn Hashtag Generator Using ChatGPT!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
September 5th, 2023
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Hashtags might seem small, but they pack a punch.

They allow you to tell whatever platform you’re on and what category your content belongs to.

However, generating hashtags can be a pain, especially if you publish multiple types of content a week.

That’s why we built a LinkedIn hashtag generator to help you on LinkedIn.

In today’s guide, we’ll show you how you can save time by using our LinkedIn hashtag generator that draws on the magic of ChatGPT.

You’ll like this one.

The Importance of Hashtags and Leveraging This Tool

Hashtags are important.

They are one way of telling the algorithm of whatever platform you’re on where to organize your content. Provided that it is never a guarantee of good placement, it’s still a good practice nevertheless.

It does make a small difference when you want your content to be perceived as part of a particular topic or subject matter.

Another reason why they work is that people also look at hashtags, especially if you use one or two, to pick up on the overall subject matter and to link you to that subject.

When using hashtags remember to stick to just a maximum of three, usually, we opt for two so as to not overcrowd the content and appear spammy.

Once you’ve picked out a couple that you like, make sure you do a quick run of your broad hashtag by doing a search for it on LinkedIn and checking out who talks about the subject.

If you’re going for a good combination, pick one niched hashtag and a broad one so enjoy the best of all worlds, you get to be part of a bigger subject and be part of a niche.

Also, don’t forget, that you can also do branded hashtags like #BAMF.

One last quick note.

Make sure you’re strategic with your hashtag use. You can always reuse a hashtag that you’ve been using for awhile, this tells people and the algorithm that this is what you post about and it makes it easier for your posts to be organized properly in the future.

Our LinkedIn Hashtag Generator Prompt

This is one of our more simple prompts.

However, it’s one of our favorites.

I am a *what do you do for a living* with an audience of *who is your audience*.

Generate relevant hashtags for a post about *what is your post about*.

Please provide *how many hashtags* hashtags that would attract the right audience and increase the visibility of the post, out of those hashtags, pick 3 that you would recommend for maximum visibility.

Here is the post for you to refer to:

“*add the full text of your post here”*

We started with some context, this allows ChatGPT to generate hashtags that link your industry or audience with the subject matter. This is particularly great if you’re looking to generate hashtags that are unique to the audience.

Next up, we have the main instruction, with an additional instruction for ChatGPT to pick three that will enhance the visibility of the post.

What’s the difference?

These are the more general hashtags that usually have a larger following, they cover topics from a broader spectrum. This is to make sure that you will always have an option to just pick hashtags with higher volumes as compared to niche ones.

You always want to have one broad hashtag in your post mix.

Ask it to generate anywhere from 5-10 hashtags, but if you want to do some research feel free to add as many as you would like.

Lastly, we’re going to make ChatGPT read your post and work its analysis magic.

And that’s about it!

The Sample Post

To be able to use this prompt, you’ll need a post, and in this case, we need to generate a brand new post to see how the prompt will perform.

Where are we getting the sample post?

Glad you asked.

We’ll be using our LinkedIn test post generator that’s powered by ChatGPT.

Here’s the link to it: Generating LinkedIn Text Posts with ChatGPT: A Quick Guide

Here’s what it looks like:

LinkedIn Hashtag Generator, LinkedIn Hashtag Generator Using ChatGPT!

We just stripped all of the emojis on the first variation and we were good to go.

The Output

Here’s the full version of our input on ChatGPT:

I am a digital marketer with an audience of startup founders.

Generate relevant hashtags for a post about customer service.

Please provide 5-10 hashtags that would attract the right audience and increase the visibility of the post, out of those hashtags, pick 3 that you would recommend for maximum visibility.

Here is the post for you to refer to:

“Ever thought of customer service as an investment? Let me share a story that changed my perspective. 💼

When I embarked on this journey as a LinkedIn marketer, entrepreneurs became my compass. Amidst the hustle, I encountered a game-changing lesson about customer service. I once decided to forgo my usual rate for a client.


Because I saw the opportunity to invest in their success. We all have a chance to reshape relationships through exceptional service.

Let’s elevate our businesses by making investments that go beyond monetary gains. Share your stories in the comments below!”

The prompt works pretty quickly – especially if you’re on the paid plan.

We got a list of 10 hashtags with the top 3 isolated.

LinkedIn Hashtag Generator, LinkedIn Hashtag Generator Using ChatGPT!


Having a LinkedIn hashtag generator on hand is wonderful if you want to get your post some visibility.

But you should still do some hashtag research by at least searching for them on LinkedIn.

Here’s another thing.

You don’t always have to use all of the high-visibility hashtags, you can always combine one high visibility along with a more niche hashtag, or even a branded one.

This allows you to tap multiple feeds at the same time

A hashtag might seem small and inconsequential, but these are the little things you need to be mindful of if you want to push for growth!

So yes, use those hashtags please.

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