Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

written by Houston Golden
Founder & CEO, BAMF Media
January 5th, 2024
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Whether you are creating a website or developing an application, coding does not have to break your back.

We’re serious.

With the availability of countless AI tools online that will help you write codes with ease, you can unburden yourself and do it seamlessly.

The challenge would be finding the best app that suits your needs.

And when we say there is plenty to choose from out there, we’re not kidding!

There’s really a wide array of choices for everyone.

So we’re making it a lot easier for you by listing down the top 11 AI tools that will help you code with AI like a pro!

1. Tabnine

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

If you’re looking for a coding assistant that will help you work faster, this is most likely the perfect tool for you. Tabnine is designed to be compatible with several programming languages, including the likes of Go, Java, JavaScript, and Python, to mention a few.

This efficient coding tool comes with a basic completion starter package, but why settle for less when you can optimize it? You can opt for the Pro package designed for professional developers and small teams for only $12 per month.

You may also want to consider the Enterprise package, which allows unlimited users and features custom AI models, in-IDE chat, single sign-on, and premium support, among others.

2. Replit

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

Create some magic with this mind-blowing tool that comes with enhanced AI access, member support, expanded development resources, early feature access, autoscale deployments, and a builder community.

You can go for the $120 per year or push for the custom pricing feature that will best suit your team. If you want a powerful workspace with access to an advanced AI model, Replit is the best option.

3. CodeSquire

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

If you intend to improve your level of productivity, consider CodeSquire, an exciting tools that converts your comments into actual codes.

It can write functions using widely known libraries, translate languages into SQL queries, explain the code, and write complex functions by pointing out numerous steps

4. Spellbox

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

Elevating your game entails finding the right tool that makes room for your creativity and vision and this is what Spellbox brings to the table.

It’s widely used by developers from different industries because of its key features: code generation, code explanation, and bookmarking. Get the license for this tool for only $40.

5. Altero AI

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

Uncomplicate your coding experience by going for this tool that allows you to access predictive algorithms spanning millions of data points. Make valuable decisions by accessing vital information today to shape your tomorrow.

It does B2B search, in-depth research, generates propriety data, gives you endless coverage, and spots emerging trends effectively.

The starter pack is at $149 per user each month, while the professional pack is at $399 per user.

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6. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

More than the familiar brand it carries, the Amazon CodeWhisperer is also a powerful tool that can get things done for you. Its code suggestions can range from the smallest and simplest to the most elaborate in real time.

It is an interactive coding assistant that makes you experience a conversational interface.

You can rely on this tool to explain your code, transform it into the latest version within minutes, and get personalized code suggestions at the same time.

7. Copilot

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

If you want a competitive advantage, Copilot will give it to you with no fuss. It allows you to increase your coding capacity by 55% to keep you confident and productive.

The tool is carefully designed by AI experts who understand your needs and expectations. More than 37,000 businesses have adopted this tool.

One in every three Fortune 500 companies uses Copilot for their coding needs.

The business package is priced at $19 per user each month. The Copilot enterprise package, on the other hand, is at $39 per user per month.

8. Mutable

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

Effortless coding? Meet mutable.

It features codebase chat and semantic search, does multi-file edits, makes test generation, and uses repo intelligence. For $25 per month, you get to experience automatic suggestions, 10,000 codebase chat and search queries, 1,000 multi-edit calls, and enjoy working with up to four teammates.

To elevate your experience, you can opt for the Codebase Elite package at $50 and enjoy all the benefits of the Codebase Pro package with add-ons: Auto StandUp, Auto Wiki, and Auto Bug.

9. Sourcegraph Cody

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

Impressive is the description that best describes what Sourcegraph Cody has to offer to all developers. Each day, the tool helps developers write 150,000 lines of code. It is available for VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Neovim.

It is also the known go-to AI tool for many developers out there.

For the price of $9 per month, developers get to enjoy unlimited autocompletion, unlimited messages and commands, code context and personalization, LLM support, and language compatibility with all major coding languages in the market today.

10. Cosine

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

This coding tool understands what you need in order to get the job done. It is designed to be an all-knowing coding companion that lets you ask any question, give you full contextual replies, and plan and implement your new features.

Cosine is also designed to index and understand your codebase on multiple levels. It allows you to stay in your best form, all while getting the job done. Visit its website for pricing options.

11. Stenography

Code With AI, Write Code With AI Using These Top 11 Tools!

Stenography is a no-nonsense powerful AI tool that offers autopilot features that document all of your codebases each time you click “save.”

The tool was developed by Bram Adams, an OpenAI Developer Ambassador, and GPT-3 O’Reilly Media instructor. For $10 per month, you get to enjoy 1,000 invocations per month, Chrome extension, populated documentation explanations, API, and stack overflow search suggestions.

You can easily upgrade to the $20 per month package and enjoy additional features.

Takeaways When You Code With AI

As with all things in AI, make sure that you still manually check the code and that you add your own personal touch to it.

If you’re starting from scratch, make sure you have some foundational knowledge that will help you write code with AI. This allows you to have a better grasp of your project and leverage your tools properly.

Let us know what you’ve coded with AI!

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