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Katharine Burkhart's
Case Study

Client Company: The MatterLogic Co.
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The Numbers

Averaging 100K Impressions Monthly
lift in content views
total content views

The Challenge

Katie Burkhart is a remarkable individual, not only is she an author but she is also the creator of MatterLogic™ an end-to-end system for running business operations in these dynamic times. She’s a founder and CEO, and an innovator with a unique voice that deserved to be heard.

Our challenge was simple.

How do we make sure that she got the exposure that she needed while at the same time bringing in steady stream of clientele. It was a challenge that we love at BAMF and we made it our duty to make sure she was heard.

The Results

Just taking a look at the monthly averages was inspiring:

100K impressions (total 1.2M impressions on just her first year!)

156 followers (43% general uplift – total 1,877 extra followers!)

We started with a normal LinkedIn profile and ended with an influencer campaign for someone who more than deserving.

Needless to say, we were able to work together to get her voice heard, and that was extremely inspiring even for us.

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