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Client Company: GoodUnited
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The Numbers

From zero to nearly 7M content views in just 4 months.
lift in content views
total content views
connection acceptance rate

The Challenge

Nick Black and GoodUnited came to BAMF with a mission to help non-profits fundraise at a larger scale through using Facebook Fundraisers. Nick’s background in non-profits with his own passion project, Stop Soldier Suicide, was the impetus for starting GoodUnited. Nick found the power of helping people and harnessed the power of social media to help other non-profits do the same. GoodUnited struggled to find non-profits that saw the benefit of using their services to boost fundraising efforts. This is where we stepped in.

The Results

We hit the ground running, and started immediately conducting founder interviews with Nick to extract his stories and personal experiences, from being a combat veteran, to starting and running a successful non-profit. We appropriated his stories and turned them into viral LinkedIn sensations, bringing in nearly 7 million post views in the first four months working together. We pieced together GoodUnited’s ideal non-profit client roster and started connecting and conversating with their decision makers. After seeing Nick’s viral content and stories, many of those ideal clients came to fruition, helping both GoodUnited, and thousands of people across the globe.

We’ve worked with everyone from big ad agencies to really smart PhD Digital Marketers, but so far BAMF is the only group that’s driven ROI in Digital Marketing for GoodUnited.

Nick Black

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Standing out with Profile Optimization



A well-crafted LinkedIn Profile can make a world of a difference. We'll position you as an industry leader with a polished presnce so you can present yourself in the best light and attract qualified, ready-to-convert leads.

Content that Attracts Potential Clients

Our content uses attention-grabbing, emotional keywords that are sure to bring thousands of eyes to your profile and business. Your stories will provide an emotional connection that your readers will releate and empathize with as we reach out and start meaningful conversations with them.


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Outbound Prospecting to Spark Conversations

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Transforming LinkedIn Interactions into Qualified Leads

In the realm of LinkedIn marketing, we stand out from the rest. Our approach goes beyond mere profile optimizations and frequent content posting. We excel at initiating authentic conversations that catch the attention of potential clients. Once connected, we strike value propositions that leave a lasting impact. With our expertise, we ensure your calendar is filled with hot leads who are genuinely interested and eager to engage with your offerings.

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