Nick Santonastasso's
Case Study

Client Company: Victorious International
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The Numbers

lift in content views
total content views
connection acceptance rate

The Challenge

Nick Santonastasso is one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet. Despite having only a 30% chance of survival at birth and being born with just one arm, he has defied all odds by becoming a renowned keynote speaker, bestselling author, and professional bodybuilder. When he came to BAMF, not only were we drawn to his personal life story of defying the odds, but we knew he could conquer more milestones and take his reach to the next level.

We knew in our hearts, that people needed to hear his story, and we made sure that they did.

The Results

In a span of a year, he was able to bring in an uplift of 34,853% bringing his content impressions for the year to more than 2 million …easy.

However, it didn’t stop there.

As per outreach, he had a new contact connection rate of 27% with a reply rate of more than half! Imagine if half the people you messaged replied back, this was indeed one of the wildest outreach campaigns we’ve ever helped out with.

With proper optimization and positioning, he saw his follower count increase by 126.890% – that’s an extra 6,631 followers averaging more than 500 followers a month – this meant more people hearing about his story, and more people inspired.

It’s only proper to say, it was our absolute pleasure helping get his story out there.

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