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Client Company: Dyrdek Machine
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The Numbers

555% Increase in Followers ...With No Outreach
lift in content views
total content views

The Challenge

A lot of people know Rob because of his many hats, from actor to producer to entrepreneur and formerly a professional skateboarder. His was a name that was easily recognized.

But there was a small problem.

That media exposure didn’t exactly translate on LinkedIn and the platform wasn’t exactly representing him in his full professional capacity.

Something needed to be done.

And that’s where BAMF came through.

This was not about building an outreach program, this was doubling down on organic reach and ensuring Rob was properly highlighted as the KOL that he is.

The Results

Rob’s campaign with us is one for the books.

He managed to gain more than 12K followers within a year, representing an average of 1,000 followers each month, but what makes this story so remarkable is that he was able to do without an outreach process. We’re looking at a purely organic campaign allowing him to solidify his market share and at the same increase his reach.

This is further evidenced by the fact that he got 3,416,181 impressions within the two-year period with us meaning he was averaging 137K impressions on a monthly basis. However, it doesn’t even stop there, when we looked at the data, on his worst month, he still managed to bring in more than 43K impressions, and that was a fluke.

Needless to say Rob, isn’t just an entrepreneur and thought leader, he is one of LinkedIn’s stars.

Unlock the power of LinkedIn and take your business to new heights with BAMF. Our proven strategies for creating engaging content and building meaningful connections will help you become a LinkedIn Influencer.

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